Bellwether Featured in Construction Specifier Magazine

IFMA Tulsa's own Bellwether Design is featured in the February 2001 issue of The Construction Specifier. This magazine features "Solutions for the Construction Industry." In the article entitled, "Designing for Tomorrow, Technologically Speaking," Bellwether's Ann Johnson and Roseanne Bell share their expertise on a number of issues.

Topics of discussion include such issues as "Quality Sounds through Smart Design" which addresses noise level and lack of privacy. These two issues are the most common complaints from people working in open offices. Another topic addressed is entitled "Sounds Underfoot" that addresses the floor as a major design area that affects noise levels. A third topic, "Wired for Change" is addressed by Ann Johnson. Ann explains, "Today's workplaces must allow rapid development of people to facilitate constant communication and teaming. Increasingly, less space is being allocated for individual work processes and more for group or team functions." Mobility is the operative word for furniture today. Walls are coming down and space is opening up to facilitate constant communication and working in teams. Desks, filing systems, chairs, and even furniture panels can be specified on wheels. In frequently changing, technology-intensive workspaces, maintaining, access to power and data can be a challenge. This is just a small example of some of the content of this article. To read the entire article with the accompanying pictures, please contact Ann or Roseanne for a complimentary copy of The Construction Specifier at or you can read the entire text of the article on the aforementioned web site.