Brian Bennett is IFMA’s Associate Member of the Year

Brian and IFMA president Tony Keane

IFMA Tulsa's Brian Bennett was recognized as IFMA International's 2011 Associate Member of the Year at a luncheon Awards of Excellence presentation at World Workplace in Phoenix, AZ. 

The awards luncheon took place on October 28th.  This is the first year IFMA has had an awards luncheon along with the awards banquet that has been a fixture at World Workplace for years.  The luncheon included closing keynote speaker Christopher Gardner.  Gardner had a movie made about his life starring Will Smith and his son Jaden entitled, "The Pursuit of Happyness." 

Brian has been a member of IFMA and IFMA Tulsa since 1990.  Brian is an IFMA Tulsa past president and has served on the chapter board in a variety of positions since joining the chapter.  He currently serves on the chapter's executive board as the chapter treasurer and handles the chapter's administrative duties along with managing the chapter's award winning web site.  Brian was recognized for his contributions to IFMA both on the local as well as international levels.  Brian currently serves on the IFMA International Education committee and has been active in attending many IFMA regional leadership and educational events including the IFMA Las Vegas chapter's 2011 Spring Symposium.

Brian joins IFMA Tulsa's Ted Webb (2009 Distinguished Member of the Year) and Dr. Paulette Hebert (2010 Educator of the Year) as having been honored with a major IFMA Award of Excellence.