Topic: Ask a FM


Our October 2006 program consisted of an IFMA Tulsa chapter panel of experts addressing pre-submitted questions by IFMA Tulsa chapter members.  Questions were also taken from attendees at the luncheon.

 The panel consisted of:

  • Steve Jech – Steve is employed by the Bank of Oklahoma.  He has served as a Facility Manager, Space Planner & Project Manager, Corporate Real Estate Services Manager, Real Estate Acquisition & Leasing Manager and currently as a Senior Vice President.  A graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Masters of Business Administration degree, Steve is one of a handful of members in the Tulsa chapter that holds the IFMA CFM designation. 

  • Steve Brady – An employee of the Williams Companies, Steve graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in Business Management, Marketing and Business Administration.  Steve holds the title of Manager of Facilities with Williams.  He has over 30 years of experience in the industry. 

  • Tony Lenox – Tony is the manager of Facilities & Office Services for TV Guide, reporting to TV Guide’s Senior VP of HR & Finances in Hollywood, CA.  A graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN., Tony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  Tony is also one of our Tulsa chapter’s CFMs. 

  • Clint Baranowski – Clint has over 27 years of facility management and property management experience.  Currently the Senior Property Manager with Transwestern Commercial Services, many of us know Clint from the many years he worked at Amoco Corporation.  Clint graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Some of the questions posed to the group were:

How did the flood affect the Williams/BOK Tower operations?

Two lower levels of the tower were affected.  There was 30” of water from the main break in the garage and service levels with 18’-24” in the garage level. The transformer door lasted 10 seconds after the water hit it.  All data centers were lost, but not the transformers.  The cost of the flood is still not totally known. 

What’s the main difference between a Facility Manager and a Property Manager?  

1. The Property Manager has more financial responsibility being more concerned with the Net Operating Income.
2. Legal ramifications such as tenants making their rent payments on time. 

How important are the IFMA Associate members to an IFMA Professional member?  

Tony Lenox replied that vendors are considered as partners and are very important to his daily operations as he has a small in-house staff. 

What are traits of a good Facility Manager?

 Someone who gives back to the community. 

Describe your vendor selection process?

1. Compatibility is important.
2. Must share the needs and expectations of the company.  
3. Must have integrity.  
4. Must be honest.  
5. Must be able to “turn on a dime” (quick response). 

How important is the CFM designation?

The knowledge and respect it brings with it are worth the effort to obtain the designation. 

Thanks to our panel for sharing their time and experience with the Tulsa chapter members.