August | Kylie Roth- Immersive Planning



As organizations everywhere are challenged to keep pace in a more complex business environment, they are looking at myriad of ways to heighten innovation, build employee comradery and support the fluctuating needs of their global workforce. Over the last several years, research has investigated monumental shifts in work and the underlying workstyles driving dramatic transformations in knowledge work and the spaces required to sustain this multidimensional work. Immersive planning addresses the contemporary workplace. This planning model blurs the lines between workspace types, enhancing interaction, inviting connected experiences, and a sense of hospitality at every exchange. Immersive planning uses comfortable furnishings and fluid boundaries to create a variety of experiences. In this group-based workplace, the actions of the people themselves define the space. This results in an environment that can transform at a moment’s notice and evolve with use.
Kylie Roth, Senior Director Workplace Research Kylie Roth is the senior director of workplace research at Knoll. In her role, she spearheads the firm’s research programs, focusing on the connection between design, the quality of the user experience, and organizational outcomes. She engages with a broad range of internal teams and external experts to investigate emerging workplace movements and conduct explorations into the future of work, seeking out new ideas, uncovering broad trends, and delivering a big-picture view on the changing dynamics of work.