IFMA Tulsa Awards 2 Scholarships During Banquet

The Alumni Center in Click Hall on the OSU campus was the scene of the annual College of Human Sciences Celebration of Excellence scholarship banquet.  This year two IFMA Tulsa scholarships were awarded at the banquet.  Receiving the $2000.00 Ted D. Webb Facility Management & Design scholarship was Leah Bayhylle.  Receiving a $500.00 scholarship from IFMA Tulsa was Hannah Keffer.

In attendance from the Tulsa chapter was chapter treasurer, Brian Bennett, and chapter vice president, Steve Brady.  IFMA Oklahoma City chapter members present were Peter Pickett and Gary Kropp.  Melinda Lyon, the IFMA OSU chapter advisor was also present.

This year's banquet had the largest attendance ever (over 100 more attendees from the year before) and folks were packed into the room.  Unlike years before where there were groups of 8 people at each table, this year they set up long tables with up to 20 people at one long table.  Scholarship recipients can bring their family members and both Leah and Hannah had parents present.  Subsequently, everyone from the IFMA Tulsa and Oklahoma City chapters,along with the scholarship recipients and their parents, including their IFMA student chapter advisor were all able to sit together at the same table instead of being separated at different tables as in years before.

The scholarship banquet had a somber note this year, as long time IFMA Tulsa Education Chair, Ted Webb, was not present to see the scholarship awarded in his name to Leah Bayhylle.  Ted passed away in November, 2011.  Ted had been present at every scholarship banquet in the past and was very proud of the IFMA Tulsa scholarship program he was instrumental in helping create.  In his honor, Dean Stephan M. Wilson, Ph.D., acknowledged Ted and his many contributions to OSU and the IFMA OSU student chapter during the scholarship program.

Congratulations to Leah and Hannah.  IFMA Tulsa is proud of you and all that you have accomplished and we thank you for being a part of, and supporting, IFMA and the IFMA OSU student chapter.