2002 Holiday Party

For the third year in a row, the IFMA Tulsa chapter Christmas party was a smashing success. A record number of 40 RSVP's were received for the party. The format remained the same except for a few new twists.


Instead of having a drawing for door prizes, this year's event featured a "Dirty Santa" drawing. Each attendee drew a number from 1 to 40. The person who drew number 1 got to choose a prize first. The next person with number 2 could choose a new gift or "steal" the one that the first person had chosen. A gift could be stolen twice before it was "frozen" and no longer eligible to be stolen. The ensuing chaos of stealing gifts from each other turned out to be quite entertaining. At the end the person who had number 1 got to choose again. As an added bonus, Robert Ashe was allowed to choose again as everyone kept stealing his prizes.

Hats off to Karen Byrd and Trish Stokes, Program Co-Chairs for setting up the party and going out and buying some great gifts. The most popular items were liquor (yes, liquor) and dinner gift certificates. Also featured were movie passes, Blockbuster gift certificates, Krispy Kreme gift certificates and even a gift certificate to a butcher shop. It was obvious that these ladies traveled all over town to obtain such a vast variety of gift certificates to so many different and diverse places. They also went to the trouble of purchasing small Christmas gift bags to put all the prizes in. Like last year, no one went home without a prize.

This year's party also featured a new location. The event was held at the new Te-Kei's Asian restaurant. One of Tulsa's newest and most popular eating establishments, we had the whole meeting room to ourselves and it was packed. The meeting room features a wall with a woodcarving that was brought over in pieces from China. It is breathtaking.

Once again, the highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of a check for $3,570.00 to The Little Lighthouse. This record amount was due to our wildly successful Golf Tournament. Jim Bodine, who attended our golf outing on behalf of The Little Lighthouse, was present as our guest to receive the check. Thanks to Kelli Bailey and all those who participated in the tournament for making this generous donation possible.

If you missed this year's party, then you need to plan on joining us next year for what promises to be another great time.