2003 Holiday Party

The fourth annual IFMA Tulsa chapter Christmas party was held again this year at Te Kei's Chinese Asian Kitchen. A crowd of 36 chapter members were present, representing 65% of the chapter membership. The format for the luncheon was similar to the one utilized last year that was so popular.


This year's event once again featured a "Dirty Santa" drawing. Each attendee drew a number from 1 to 36. The person who drew number 1 got to choose a prize first. The next person with number 2 could choose a new gift or "steal" the one that the first person had chosen. A gift could be stolen twice before it was "frozen" and no longer eligible to be stolen. At the end the person who had number 1 got to choose again. Robert Ashe, who had his present stolen from him time after time last year, faired better this year and got to go home with the gift he wanted.

This year's Program co-chairs, Tony Lenox and Tom Seifried, along with their "Prize committee" did an excellent job in selecting a wide array of gift certificates and merchandise that appealed to everyone. After the job that Karen Byrd and Trish Stokes did last year, it was thought that their efforts would be hard to top. However, Tony and Tom were up to the task. Interestingly, the most popular item this year was a gift certificate to just about any restaurant. I guess everyone wanted to eat out for the holidays. If you missed out this year, you won't want to miss out next year. Everyone had a great time and no one went home without a prize.

Once again, the highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of a check for The Little Lighthouse. Another successful IFMA Tulsa Golf Tournament allowed for a record donation of $4500.00, topping last year's total of $3570.00, possible. Jim Bodine, who once again attended our golf outing with several other Little Lighthouse representatives, was present as our guest to receive the check. Thanks once again to Kelli Bailey and all those who participated in the tournament for another terrific job.