OSU IFMA Chapter Fundraising at 2015 Golf Tournament

IFMA 2005 Golf Tournament Team Photos 9-19-05 016

For the third straight year, the OSU student chapter sent a number of volunteers to participate in a variety of fundraising activities for the OSU IFMA student chapter at the Ninth Annual IFMA Tulsa Chapter Golf Tournament.

The event was held for the second straight year at the Meadow Brook Country Club on September 19, 2005.

Fundraising activities included two different games on two of the Par 3 holes. On hole # 11, players could make a bet as to whether or not they could tee off and put their ball within one of several circles on the green at odds of 2 to 1 or 4 to 1. On hole # 4, each team could make a $20.00 investment in their score by choosing to use one of the many flags placed on the hole in addition to the main flag. If their ball landed closer to a flag other than the main flag, they could use that one.

In addition to the games on holes 4 and 11, the students also worked the hole-in-one contest on the 8th hole. At the Halfway House, the students sold magnetic OSU koozies for $10.00 each. For an added twist, they incorporated a contest on hole # 8 where you could pay $10.00 and keep or lose your koozie based on whether or not you could put the ball on the green. (I think everyone might have been able to keep their koozie anyway).

This year brought out a record number of volunteers. A total of 12 volunteers turned out to help in this fundraising event. Thanks go to:

  • Reagan Hamlin
  • Michele Seymour
  • Brenda Martin
  • Emily Murphy
  • Rachel Spitza
  • Melissa Morris
  • Natalie Roller
  • Dr. Paulette Hebert
  • April Whiteley
  • Rebecca Bailey
  • Andrey Schaefer
  • Kim Krafft

The amount of money raised by these volunteers for the OSU IFMA student chapter was $845.00, a new record.

Thanks to all the players who participated in the contests and helped support these OSU students in their efforts to raise money for their IFMA chapter.