2009 Holiday Party

This year's Christmas party moved back to the Tulsa Country Club after having the 2008 party at Te Kei's at the Riverwalk.  A record 47 members attended this year's party representing over half the chapter membership (not including the OSU student chapter members).  Program Chair Mark Cohlmia and Program Co-Chair Scott Mitchell added a few new twists for this year's gift exchange.

Since the revival of the Christmas party back in 2001, the party has featured lunch provided by the chapter and a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange where members can "steal" gifts from other members up to three times.  This year, Mark and Scott stood at the front of the room to oversee the festivities and work as our Masters of Ceremonies.  As each person came up to pick out a gift, they had to give a little background on themselves...who they work for, what their job is, etc., and then answer a Christmas trivia question posed by Mark or Scott.

For those lucky enough to get a star along with their gift and depending on whether or not the star had a number on it, the recipient got an additional gift...a bottle of some sort of Mogen David wine...or they got to answer another question posed by Mark or Scott and received a chance to select an additional gift from a variety of items donated by Associate members.

This new twist featured an opportunity for Associate Members to donate a door prize and submit a short "sales pitch" for their company that was read out loud by Mark or Scott when a lucky individual got to pick from one of the gifts they had donated.  Donated prizes included champagne, an IPOD boombox, gift certificates, a fire extinguisher and many other great gifts.  Thanks to all the Associate members who donated gifts to the party.