2011 World Workplace: Phoenix

IFMA Tulsa chapter members Stephanie Pugh (chapter president), Brian Bennett (chapter treasurer), Doug Martin (Programs chair), Matt McKinnney (Emerging Leaders chair), Jessica Robinson and Julee Thomas represented the chapter at IFMA's 2011 World Workplace in Phoenix, AZ, October 26-28th. 

In addition to the Tulsa chapter members, IFMA OSU student chapter members Kristin Schieffer and Leah Bayhylle also attended.   One of the highlights of the event, in addition to the great educational sessions, included the annual IFMA Tulsa chapter World Workplace dinner held at Alice Cooper'stown.  

<p">Another highlight of the event was the closing keynote speaker.  Christopher Gardner, who had a movie made about his life that starred Will Smith and was entitled, "The Pursuit of Happiness," talked about his life and how he never gave up on providing a home for his son and making sure his son always kwew who his father was.  Chris' presentation had us alternately laughing and crying at the same time.

Always a highlight of any World Workplace is the presentation of the IFMA 2011 Awards of Excellence.  This year included an awards luncheon and dinner banquet.  Both were hosted by Sean Connery.

IFMA Tulsa was represented once again this year at the awards with IFMA Tulsa's Brian Bennett receiving the 2011 Associate Member of the Year award.  Brian follows Dr. Paulette Hebert (2010) and Ted Webb (2009) in winning a major IFMA award.

Everyone had a great time.  From the Welcome Reception at Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks), to the Expo where Brian and Doug each walked away with $50.00 cash and Doug impressed with his Minute to Win It skills at the Cort Furniture booth, to the Cort party at Alice Cooper'stown, to the great line-up of educational sessions, 2011 World Workplace ranks as one of the best.  If you have never attended a World Workplace event, start planning on joining your fellow chapter members in 2012 at World Workplace in San Antonio, TX, October 31 - November 2.

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