2013 Holiday Party


What has become an annual event, the IFMA Tulsa Christmas Party was held at the Tulsa Country Club on Wednesday, December 18th.  The Christmas Party is a chance for our chapter to give back to its' members by covering the cost of lunch and providing gifts valued at, or in excess of, $25.00.

Gifts are selected by attendees and then exchanged (stolen) via our "Dirty Santa" gift exchange.

Last year several Red Ryder BB guns were part of the gift exchange.  Several more were bought this year for the gift exchange and once again, they turned out to be a hot item for stealing.  Interestingly. our prez, Steve Brady, who came up with the BB gun idea in the first place, drew the number 1 to choose the first item and subesequently also got to choose last.  His choice?  The Red Ryder BB gun.  Go figure.

Probably the most popular item for stealing was a $50.00 gift card from Amazon.com.  Who knew there were so many people shopping on Amazon?  Many thanks to Garry Smith and Espo Fire and Water for donating a number of Amazon gift catds.  Even though there were multiple cards, every one of them got stolen multiple times.  Liquor, that was once a popular item for stealing, did not get a single steal.  Maybe it was because it was a surprise as to what kind of liquor it was or maybe we are all sobering up.  Folks did not find out what they won until afterwards as we could not bring liquor into the country club, so we just put a note in the gift bag that the prize was "wine."

In addtion to Espo Fire and Water, other companies and individuals making gift donations included Javier Pollock with BESCO, Cheryl Costello with GCA Services Group, Cody Myers with APSFIRE, Shannon Ross with Cox Business, Crystal Kline with TRC Disaster Solutions and Sonie Cook with Simplex Grinnell who attended for Jeff Brumbaugh.  Many thanks to all of you for your generous donations.

One of the highlights of our party is the presentation of a check to The Little Light House with a donation from some of the proceeds from our golf tournament.  On hand this year from The Little Light House was Hannah Ekblad and Ciera Trish.  A check for $3245.00 was presented to Hannah and she gave us an overview of The Little Light House and thanked the IFMA Tulsa chapter for their continued support. 

A great time was had by all.  If you missed the party this year, be sure and join us for the 2014 bash.