2013 World Workplace: Philadelphia


IFMA's annual World Workplace was held in Philadelphia, PA from October 2-4, 2013. Attending from the Tulsa chapter were Ross Phippen, Steve Brady, Tony Lenox, Brian Bennett, Javier Pollock, Steve Dickey, George James and Scott Watts.

As always, World Workplace featured many educational sessions on topics of interest to today's facility manager including disaster recovery, violence in the workplace and sustainability.

One of the new features this year was a session called "Ask the CEO: The Current State & the Future of FM," which took the place of the opening keynote speaker that has been a fixture at World Workplace for many years. A panel of industry experts discussed issues facing today's FM's. Included in the panel were representatives from companies like ABM, Johnson Controls, ISS World Services, ARAMARK and others. The panel was moderated by Art Levine, host of the show, "Straight Talk."

Another new feature was the "Deeper Dive" sessions that took place on Tuesday, October 1st. Topics included "Leadership and Strategy" and "How FM's Can Be Ready for Anything" relating to disaster preparedness and recovery. These sessions were an addtional cost and not included in the World Workplace Full Registration fee.

The closing keynote speaker was Barbara Corcoran. In addtion to being the author of "Shark Tales," Barbara has been on TV's "Shark Tank" and appears reguarly on the Today Show as a guest contributor for their real estate segment. Barbara's presentation centered around her rise from obscurity coming from a large family in New Jersey to creating and running a multi-million dollar real estate company, The Corcoran Group. Her book outlines how she took the advice that her mother doled out to her and the family over the years and applied it to her business and her decision making.

Outside of all the "learning" there was time for some fun. The Welcome Reception was held at The Franklin Institute where you could learn everything you needed to know about Benjamin Franklin. The annual Cort party was held at the Field House sports bar and grill and featured local band Eleven Eleven. However, the most fun was the IFMA Tulsa chapter dinner held at McGillin's Ale House, one of the oldest establishments in Philadelphia still standing. Located by itself on a one block street, McGillin's turned out to be a great place for fun along with good food and good drink.

Other than that, the Liberty Bell was closed due to the government shut down. We had to settle for some Philly Cheesesteaks from Geno's to sample the "real" Philadelphia :).

Next year it's back to New Orleans for the 3rd time in 15 years. See you there?

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