2002 Regional Meeting

With the annual IFMA Leadership Conference in Houston being canceled, the IFMA Tulsa chapter volunteered to host a Regional Leadership Workshop. The event took place in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on April 19, 2002. Representatives from a number of IFMA chapters were able to attend. Chapters represented included Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Wichita. The majority of the IFMA Tulsa Board of Directors attended. Also in attendance was a member of the OSU student chapter. Our very special guest was Linda Beverly, IFMA International's Director of Membership Resources. In anticipation of the meeting, all participating chapters were asked to submit their "Best Practices" prior to the workshop. In recognition of the Tulsa chapter being the recipient of IFMA's Small Chapter of the Year Excellence in Web Communications Award, the Tulsa chapter was asked to do a presentation on its' web site. IFMA Tulsa webmaster, Chris Montgomery of Huron, Ohio based Benetela traveled to Bartlesville to attend the conference and represent the Tulsa chapter. Chris unveiled the new "Issues and Answers" feature on our web site. Everyone seemed to be real excited about the concept. The conference lasted for approximately five hours and a lot of great information and ideas was shared. Over the next several months the IFMA Tulsa Board of Directors plan to implement a number of the ideas that were shared that will improve on some of the programs we already have in place and others we would like to have implemented. Many thanks to Phillips Petroleum and Board members Robert Ashe and Jana Russell for hosting this event in their wonderful facility. Thanks also go to Steelcase and Board member Tom Tinker for sponsoring the lunch the attendees enjoyed. Last, but not least, a big thank-you goes to all our members who have helped make our chapter a success this year thus drawing attention to our chapter from IFMA International. It was a great honor for our chapter to be asked to host this event.