IFMA After Hours: Andy B’s


The June 2009 IFMA Tulsa meeting turned into an after hours bowling event at Andy B's, formerly Riverlanes Bowling Alley.  The brainchild of Programs Chair, Mark Cohlmia, the evening featured three games of bowling, shoes and a pizza and salad buffet at no cost to IFMA Tulsa members. 

Chapter members were asked to put together a four person team.  All single players were put on a team predetermined by Mark.  In all, there were six teams.  They included:

Team 1 - IFMA Tulsa members Mark Cohlmia & Steve Brady bowled with guests Larry Hollingsworth and Mike Predovic.

Team 2 (Split Happens) - IFMA Tulsa members Michael Birdsong, Sharon Marrs & Scott Mitchell teamed with guest (and potential new member) Elizabeth Shupe.

Team 3 - IFMA Tulsa members Tom Seifried, Indrek Redard & Ted Webb teamed with our IFMA Tulsa summer intern Whitney Wakefield who subbed for member Lindsay Farr.

Team 4 - IFMA Tulsa member Stephanie Pugh brought along fellow Workplace Resource employees Lisa Lee and Leighann McMillen.  They partnered with chapter President Tony Lenox.    

Team 5 - IFMA Tulsa member David Atkinson brought his wife Tonya and partnered with chapter members Brian Bennett and Craig Hime.

Team 6 - IFMA Tulsa member John Esposito brought his wife, Delta and fellow Espo employee Kevin Hefley and his wife Kathy.

At the end of the evening, prizes were given to the 1st Place - 4th Place teams and the last place team.  Team 5 won 1st Place and received 1/2 gallon of Crown Royal each.  Team 1 came in 2nd Place and won a quart of Grey Goose vodka each.  Team 3 came in 3rd Place and won a fifth of Bailey's Irish Creme each.  Team 6 came in 4th Place and won a gallon of Jose' Cuervo pre-mixed Margarita each.  Last Place went to Team 4 who went home with a pint of Mogan David wine (the choice of winos and poor alcoholics) each.  Split Happens were the odd team out in the prizes.  Hey. Split? Happens.

To see more pictures from the event, visit our web site's "Discover Who Was Captured on Film" feature.

Thanks go to Mark Cohlmia and Scott Mitchell for putting this event together.  A great time was had by all who attended.  And, thanks to all of you who participated and made this event a success.