Topic: Going Green…A Business Decision

Temur Akhmedov

"Going Green is Not a Fashion Statement - It is a Business Decision" was the topic for IFMA Tulsa's January 2013 meeting.

Our guest speakers were Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP, with Engineered Systems and Energy Solutions, Inc. (ES2) and Kerry Rowland, C.E.M., with PSO's Energy Efficiency and Consumer Programs.

Temur's presentation covered a variety of information including:

Standard Debate Format

  • Us vs. Them - Facility Management vs. Tenants
  • Pro-Business vs. Pro Environment
  • Efficiency vs. Comfort

This debate format limits our ability to address problems and robs us of our important opportunities. "

We built this great building and then all those people showed up!"

Debate Format

  • Us. vs. Problems Us vs. Opportunities

With this format everybody involved will turn into a stakeholder. BASIC CONCEPTS - Waste vs. Consumption Are we a society of consumers? Do we consume too much? Should we limit consumption? We consume benefits. If resources are used, but benefits cannot be realized, then we have generated waste. Quote (from MSNBC, October 19, 2008): "The U.S. dependence on oil imports is based on waste, not on needs," said Paolo Scaroni, executive of Italian oil giant Eni. Also discussed was the Oklahoma First Energy Plan introduced by Govenor Mary Fallin.

Main aspects:

  • Systems approach
  • Switching from coal to a combination of natural gas and wind for base load power generation
  • Time-of-the-day pricing (real time pricing)
  • Smart Grid

SB 1096 Energy efficiency for state owned facilities - cut energy use by 20% by 2020.

Two Ways to Build Green Buildings

  • Take a conventional building and make it green - shoot for certification through getting points here and there. OR
  • Think differently and a completely different kind of building, which happens to be LEED or Energy Star certified.

To LEED or not to LEED?


  • Energy Assessments and Audits
  • Meters and Sub-Meters
  • Building Automation System & Controls - Smat Building
  • Standards: Energy Star, LEED, ASHRAE, IPMVP Energy Accounting Softwares