Topic: Challenges for Healthcare FM Managers

John Holderman II spoke at the November meeting about challenges for healthcare facility managers. John is the current OAHE (Oklahoma Association of Heathcare Engineers) President. The first question John asked was, "If the goals of the professional organization do not align with the challanges of the facility manager...what value does the organization provide?" Addressing the goals of the OAHE, John shared that they were to grow the organization, provide quality education, energy efficiency and succession planning. In growing the organization, there are currently 54 engineer members and 66 vendor members. There are 160 hospitals represented. Currently, only 34% of potential engineer members are being reached. As well, only 4% of potential safety managers and infection protection managers are involved. This leaves a great opportunity for growth. Why education? There is the need for life safety. There is a need for an environment of care including fire safety, hazardous materials safety, ventilation safety and a water management plan. The testing and inspecting of emergency power systems is important. There is the management of medical gas systems and equipment. In addition, there is the need to obtain a variety of certifications and earn CEU's. Energy Efficiency includes low hanging fruit such as lighting in a need to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. As for succession planning, the average age of a healthcare facility manager in the US is 55. The questions being asked are, "Who will replace the current leadership? Where will they get the education? What type of education?" This is just a brief outline of some of the things John discussed in his presentation. John can be reached at St. John's Health Systems to learn more about OAHE.