Topic: Construction and Budgeting


Our monthly program held on March 20th was a departure from our normal routine. Instead of a luncheon program, the meeting was held in the evening. An even newer twist was that spouses and significant others were encouraged to attend. The meeting was held at Zio's Italian Restaurant at 81st & Lewis.

This wonderful evening was all made possible by our own Ted Webb. Ted, one of our founding members, is Manager of Construction for Mazzio's Corporation. As many of you know, Mazzio's grew out of Ken's Pizza whose humble beginnings started with a single pizza place on 11th Street back in the 1960's. As Manager of Construction, Ted has been overseeing the construction of new Zio's Italian Restaurants around the country.

The hugely popular Zio's experienced rapid growth in the last few years and Ted has been kept busy with the construction of eight new Zio's in a short period of time. Thankfully, Ted shared, things have slowed down a bit and Maziio's Corporation is focusing on successfully operating the Zio's they now have in place.

Ted's program dealt with the construction and budgeting processes he has developed for Zio's new restaurants. Ted provided us with hand-outs with construction and budgeting numbers (the actual numbers were changed to protect the innocent) that showed how the whole process comes together. Ted told an interesting story of how Mazzio's will go in to a market and make a site selection. Ted then comes in to the picture to determine whether the site selected makes sense form a construction standpoint. If Ted finds problems with the site, as he did in Birmingham, Alabama, then the project is abandoned and they move on.

Another interesting thing Ted shared was the detail that goes in to the interior and exterior of a Zio's Italian Restaurant. Ted showed a number of pictures of the completed exterior of several Zio's to demonstrate different approaches they had experimented with to come up with a final prototype. As we surveyed the interior of the Zio's we were sitting in, Ted explained how each and every detail was thought out, planned and then made a reality by finding the right people to do it. For each and every Zio's built, the same people are brought in to do all the painting, etc. that you ultimately see in a Zio's. Ted indicated that Ken Selby, the founder of Zio's was a very detail oriented individual. Everything has to be just right or is isn't acceptable. (Now that's an attitude we should all take with us every day to our jobs).

As with all our programs, if you missed this one, you missed a great educational opportunity to learn from Ted how he developed the processes he now utilizes from building a number of Zio's. Learning from other's successes and mistakes is one of the greatest ways to avoid making the same mistakes yourself and learning to do your job better.

Many thanks again to Ted for securing a private room for us at Zio's to hold our meeting. On behalf of all who attended, everyone had a great time, the food was wonderful and of course, the speaker was fantastic.