Topic: Emergency Preparedness

Robert Smith with Williams Companies

The speaker for IFMA's March program was Robert Smith, Enterprise Continuity Planning Coordinater with the Williams Companies, where he works on the Emergency Management Team. Some of the business continuity program guidelines Robert shared were:

  1. Program Initiation and Management
  2. Risk Evalution and Control
  3. Business Impact Analysis
  4. Business Continuity Strategies
  5. Emergency Response and Operations.
  6. Business Continuity Plans
  7. Awareness and Training Programs
  8. Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance
  9. Crisis Communications
  10. Coordination with External Agencies

One of the more interesting things Robert shared was how, in the past, it was difficult to track people down in the case of a disaster. They now have a system that enables them to message all critical employees at every avenue available simultaneously.

Another interesting thought was whether or not companies plan for the possibility of one or more high level employees killed at the same time. We often think of a disaster as a fire, flood, tornado or earthquake. However, the loss of key employees can be equally devastating.

Many thanks to Steve Brady with the Williams Companies for arranging to have Robert come and speak to the chapter.