Topic: “Green Cleaning”

Alan France

Alan France, Dirextor of Sustainability, Environmental Services for ABM Janitorial Services was the featured speaker for IFMA Tulsa's February 2011 program.  A thirteen year veteran with ABM, Alan oversees the operational deployment of ABM's Green Care program. 

Alan's program addressed LEED sustainable industry and cleaning trends.

LEED Certified Projects by the numbers - There are currently 7,368 LEED certified projects.  These accumulative projects represent 1 billion square feet of commerical LEED certified projects.  Current registered commerical LEED registered projects total 29,101.     

What is Green Cleaning? - Effective cleaning which protects heath without harning the environment.

What is the USGBC? - The U.S. Grren Building Council was formed in 1993 to promote the design and contructions of buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

What is LEED? - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is the Green Building Rating System developed by the USBGC for all aspects of the built environment.

Procedures of Green Cleaning -

  • Focus is on proper cleaning steps, heightened focus on touch points, reducing airborne particles, environmentally friendly and safe chemicals and microfiber technology.
  • Entryway cleaning - 90 degree vacuuming and regular deep cleaning (extraction)
  • Course chemical spray vs. misting
  • Properly fold and re-fold microfiber and change out when soiled

Day Cleaning Considerations

  • Cost Savings - Typically driven by energy savings and some efficiency imporvements in janitorial
  • Lower Complaints - Occupants develop relationship with cleaning crew
  • Potential Issues - "Finished product" concept is gone, many janitors have day jobs, tenants/employees stay late and energy savings are lost, new equipment costs and project work still must happen off-hours

Trends in Green Cleaning

  • Higher population densities - 200 sq. ft. per person to 80 sq. ft. per person
  • Tuned Specifications - Minimum needed to achieve desired results
  • Electrolyzed water - Moving from short duration to long
  • Biodeegradable cloths (cellulose and cotton)
  • Imporved battery technology - Lighter, increased capacity, less maintenance

This outline represents a large portion of Alan's presentation.  Many thanks to IFMA Tulsa chapter member, Denise Thorton with ABM Janitorial, for arranging to have Alan visit us and present this timely program.