Topic: Joplin Tornado


The August 2001 meeting featured three IFMA Tulsa member companies along with one guest speaker that were active in providing assistance to Joplin, MO companies and residents in the aftermath of the tornado that did devastating damage to the city. 

IFMA Tulsa members Doug Martin with Colburn Electric, Jessica Robinson with Western Waterproofing and Corrie Luker shared stories of invovlement in the aftermath of the tornado along with Harley Hollan of the Harley Hollan Companies.

 Colburn Electric's Doug Martin brought slides of photos to view of some of the damage he witnessed while driving around Joplin.  Doug said he didn't start out to take pictures, but decided to take some pictures of anything unusual that he witnessed.  Afterwards, Doug realized he had taken alot of pictures as there was so much unusual damage all over town.  Examples included where one structure would be just fine and the one next to it would be totally destroyed.  Doug spent weeks in Joplin helping the local hospital with their electrical needs.

Western Waterproofing's Jessica Robinson shared her stories about the devastation she witnessed and how her company assisted Joplin businesses with getting back up and functioning.

Guest speaker Harley Hollan with Harley Hollan Companies provided dumpsters to haul away debris.  Harley shared that they kept rotating dumpsters 24 hours a day for weeks.  The amount of debris that had to be hauled away was overwhelming.

US Cellular's Corrie Luker described how their store was literally blown away.  She had to find an alternative site to set up a temporary operation.  Like Doug, Corrie spent a fair amount of time touring the damage in Joplin and witnessed things like cars wrapped around light poles.

Our thanks to Doug, Jessica, Harley and Corrie for sharing their stories, insights and observations of the aftermath of the Joplin tornado.  It was great to hear how a number of our IFMA Tulsa members and companies were able to travel to Joplin from Tulsa and assist in the recovery efforts.