Topic: Listen, Learn, and Lead

Steve Laswell

Certified executive coach and author of "The People Project," Steve Laswell of Next Level Executive Coaching was our special guest for the IFMA Tulsa June 2012 meeting.  Steve's main point during his presentation was for us to determine, "What's our story?" 

Some excerpts from his presentation include:

  • "What story are you writing?"
  • "What story will you tell?"
  • "Is it the story you want to tell?"

To determine your story, you need to "Listen," "Learn," and "Lead."

Three questions you need to ask yourself...

  1. What got you here?  What is one thing you are grateful for?  Who is one person of influence in your story?  You are constantly on a journey from "Here to there."  Remember, what got you hear will not get your there.  While "here" is celebrated, "there" is better.  To get "there," something must end or you will be stuck "here."  
  2. What does there look like for you?  Write the story you want to tell.
  3. How will you get there?  What must end to get there?

On the issue of leadership, Steve posed the question, "What is leadership?"  It is the ability to lead, guide, direct or influence people.  What is development?  It is the process of changing and becoming stronger, more successful and more advanced.  What is the best predictor of future success?  The ability and willingness to learn and change, achieved through constant reflection on truth found in the Story.

Everybody has a story.  Everyday we add to our story.  Today you will have influence on someone's Story.  There is always more to the Story.  We are responsible to write our Story.  Truth is IN the Story.  Truth brough TO the Story.  What are the benefits of truth.  The key benefit is freedom.

Are you writing the story you want to tell?

Thanks to Programs Chair Doug Martin for inviting Steve to speak at our meeting.