Tour: KOTV


The News on 6 - KOTV's new facility was the site of the IFMA Tulsa February meeting.  The recently constructed Griffin Communications Media Center is located in the heart of the Brady District at 303 N. Boston Ave.  Our tour guide was Nancy Ruth, Account Executive with the News on 6.

Having purchased the land for the project years before, the construction finally got under way in 2011.  The project was completed in January 2013.  The sales team that had been housed in the Pierce Building on S. Detroit (they ran out of room at their old building) was the first group to move over.  They relocated in mid-December

The rest of the employees moved over in mid-January.  IFMA member company The Facility Group coordinated the relocation for both phases.  

The new facility is a state-of-the-art, fully high definition broadcast center, but also a work "home" to nearly 200 employees.  Designers wanted to make sure it was comfortable.  There is a family room for those that need it and a "wellness" pantry.  There's also fun to be had.  The sales area has a foosball table and a game has been known to break out from time to time.  Griffin also wanted to " Go Green" with their new facility.  They drilled 32 geothermal wells that use the earth's constant ground termperature to heat and cool the building.  Motion activated lights and computer-controlled HVAC systems help cut down on electricity, but they expect to see their biggest savings with the LED lights they installed that cuts energy usage by about 90 percent.  This allowed them to reduce the height of the studio, thus allowing them to reduce the steel needed to build the building.  The end result was a reduced footprint, but still allowed for 57,000 sq. ft. of space with room to expand.

A few other items to note...with the new broadcast center, everything is finally in one place which was not the case at their old facility (emphasis on "old") where they had a variety of operations tucked into every nook and cranny of the building.  Also of note, they now have their own helicopter pad for their Sky News 6 chopper.  When there's breaking news, they will be able to take off immediately.

Thanks to Programs Chair Doug Martin for setting up this great, informative tour.  To view more pictures of the new facility, check out our "Discover Who Was Captured on Film!" feature