Tour: One Place Tower and Cimarex

One Place Tower

Long time IFMA Tulsa member Nancy Morgan hosted the IFMA Tulsa chapter for a tour of their new facility, the One Place Tower. Formerly with American Airlines and later with Kinslow, Keith & Todd Architects, Nancy became the facility manager at Cimarex a few years back and lead their recent relocation project. 

The Denver based Cimarex started relocating employees into their new facility in January of 2013 and continued the relocation each weekend through March. Nancy indicated the relocation was a long and tiring process, but even when her movers gave up, her team was still there to keep the move chugging along.

Joining Nancy in the presentation on One Place was former member and chapter Vice President, David Atkinson. David had worked for Kanbar Properties and officed at Cimarex's old location, First Place. After Kanbar and David parted ways, Nancy shared that she expressed that she would like for David to be involved in the management at One Place. David now heads up the team overseeing the operations and leasing of the new facility. David shared information about the building and parking structure. Cimarex currently leases all the floors in the building, but could opt out of some their space if it turns out they do not need it. Nancy indicated she wanted the optional space to be on a lower floor versus an upper floor as she did not want to be giving up the top floor at any time in the future. There are six floors of parking for the employees and David said there are plans to open up the garage to the general public after hours and especially when there is an event at the BOK Center. Details on costs and how exactly that will work are still being ironed out.

Also on hand in addition to Nancy and David were members of the design team from Kinslow, Keith and Todd and a Cimarex employee in charge of IT. IFMA Tulsa members and their guests were split up in groups and took a tour of the 15th floor. Nancy shared that they mainly have hard walls offices around the exterior of the floor plate and conference rooms, kitchen areas, etc. are in the middle of the floor plate. The building design was tweaked so that the floor plates have six corner offices versus four. In addition to the tour, we were treated to lunch by Nancy and Cimarex. Many thanks to Nancy for being so kind to treat us all to a great meal!

The Tulsa World recently published a great article on One Place, Cimarex and Nancy.