Tour: TCC’s Center for Creativity

The IFMA Tulsa September 2015 meeting featured a tour of the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity on the campus of Tulsa Community College.  The main focus of the tour was to see Oklahoma’s first “green” sustainable rooftop.  In addition to viewing the rooftop, attendees were also given a tour of a number of the classrooms. The Center offers courses in drawing, painting, 3D art, photography, web design, animation, video production and editing, journalism, television broadcast, radio broadcast, and more. IFMA attendees and their guests were able to view classrooms for a number of the different courses offered at this facilty and see how each classroom was specifically designed for the classes held there.  We were also able to see the TV studio they have created that is directly underneath the “green” sustainable rooftop.  Having the studio underneath the “green” rooftop provides an extra layer of soundproofing.  Outside of the new KOTV studio, it is the next largest TV studio in Tulsa. In addition to the rooftop and classrooms, attendees also viewed the Event Center.  This event hall houses a variety of art exhibitions and is free to the public.  It is also a great venue for hosting large events. The Center for Creativity was designed by Selser Shaefer Architects who is represented in IFMA Tulsa by Sarah Pannell. The Center garnered the firm the 2009 Honor Award from The American Institute of Architects, and the 2009 Innovator of the Year award from the Journal Record. Thanks go out to IFMA Tulsa members Qi Moss and Mike Logan who assisted with the tour.  Both are employees of Tulsa Community College. Prior to the tour, attendees met at the downtown Rib Crib for some bar-be-que and then traveled to the TCC campus for the tour.