Topic: Tulsa County Property Taxes


Tulsa County Assessor, Ken Yazel, was our guest speaker at the March 2013 meeting. Ken's main message was to let us know that he is not responsible for any increase in our property taxes. Ken indicated the Tulsa County Excise Board  should help Tulsans by lowering property taxes 20%.

The Excise Board consists of three individuals, Ruth B. Gaines, Ted Kachel and Warren Morris. One is appointed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, one by a district judge and one by a county commissioner. They are the ones determining property taxes. Ken's job is to determine the fair market value of a property. Says Ken, "Fair market value is one thing and taxable is another."

Ken brought a number of employees with him from his office to check to see if the Homestead exemption was in place on the home of all the attendees. It turned out one IFMA member did not have the Homestead exemption in place and they were able to take care of it on the spot by providing the proper paperwork to the IFMA Tulsa member. To receive the Homestead exemption, your name must be on the property and you must live there. Ken also handed out booklets that covered all the different exemptions that are available to a variety of folks such as those who have served in the military. His staff also printed out a copy of your home's current taxable market value.

Thanks to Program Co-chair, Jackie Ball, for setting up this month's program.