Topic: Workplace Safety

13091818_10206260487697973_872607983_o13120897_10206260487457967_952684650_oNewsOn6's 5pm news anchor and crime reporter, Lori Fullbright, was the guest speaker for our April meeting. Lori spoke about several subjects regarding workplace safety including the importance of taking ownership of your safety, and the run/hide/fight approach to workplace violence.

Lori explained the importance of taking ownership of your safety during any type of workplace violence. For example, Lori keeps a brick stored under her desk just in case she needs to break her office window as an escape route. Another example she gave is in each setting of your workplace, stop and think about your exit strategy. Obsessing over your surroundings is not the goal, but being aware and making a plan is. Once you take the time to know your surroundings, you can go about your day as normal.

Lori gave an overview of the run/hide/fight approach. She explained it thoroughly for the audience to be able to take back to their workplace and share it with their employees. The run, hide, fight approach to workplace violence is just as it sounds- first- if at all possible- run. Escape the situation and get out of harm’s way. Second, hide. Do your best to not be seen or noticed. Lastly, if the situation becomes that of which you cannot escape and hiding is not an option- fight as hard as you can. Fight with confidence- fight for your life. If with a group of people, assign a task to each person and remember it’s important that someone’s task be to go after the attacker’s weapon. Lori told many stories of victims she has interviewed which inspired the audience.

Lori Fullbright was very informative and encouraging to the group. It was inevitable that the audience walk away with a new found sense of safety and great information to take back to their workplace.