Dr. Paulette Hebert directs the OSU Tartan Plaid Design Contest

Dr. Paulette Hebert (on the left) is shown with
Dean Wilson and Tartan Plaid design winner
Stephanie Michalko

The official Oklahoma State University Tartan is now a part of the university?s tradition. Oklahoma City design, housing and merchandising junior, Stephanie Michalko?s weave of orange, black, gray and white threads received the most votes for her original tartan plaid design in on-line balloting.

In September OSU students who had completed a course in textiles were eligible for the competition to design an original plaid that reflects the OSU spirit. Four finalists were selected and voting began in October.

Michalko said she was excited to have her design chosen. ?I am an interior design major, but I am very interested in textiles and their use in interior design,? Michalko said. ?This was a great experience to be able to apply what I have learned.?

College of Human Environmental Sciences professors Paulette Hebert and Lynne Richards directed the competition.

?We felt this would be a meaningful way design, housing and merchandising students could learn how a product is developed from the idea to the creation,? Hebert said.

Pendleton stadium blankets and scarves will be the first items produced using the OSU Tartan. Judy Barnard, OSU director of trademarks and licensing, who assisted with the project expects a number of products from stationery to kilts to be available soon in the plaid.

The OSU plaid will be registered with the Scottish Tartans World Register As in Scotland and Ireland where tartans are used to identify families, the OSU Tartan will be another sign of membership in the OSU family.


Winning entry - The official OSU Tartan

Stephanie Michalko, the winning designer